Film Catering

A Leading Partner with the Film/TV Industry for Over 20 Years

Our flagship service has always been providing premium catering to film and television productions. Since our first job in 1997, Hanna Brothers has delivered the best food, great value, and the finest service to over 200 productions, in a wide variety of locations worldwide.

Hanna Brothers takes a great deal of pride in having earned the reputation as one of the best partners in the film industry. We believe we have to earn that reputation on every single project, and our continued success is due to several factors that set us apart: extreme attention to detail with our menus, which utilize the freshest ingredients in our own handcrafted recipes; deploying customized, well-maintained equipment; and by friendly, knowledgeable team members who share our unflinching commitment to service.

Let’s take a peek into those areas:


Great food is our passion. Whether working with small farms locally-sourcing the freshest ingredients, or preparing our recipes by hand, Hanna Brothers makes spectacular food experiences—tailored to each client based on availability, budget, and preferences.

Check out some sample menus indicating the scope of what we can provide:

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast Selections

Breakfast choices can be as simple as fresh baked items, cereals, and fresh fruit to as elaborate as multiple action stations where our highly-skilled Chefs will prepare virtually any dish made-to-order with a limitless array of fresh ingredients.

In addition to various buffet options, catering clients can order ala carte directly from our mobile kitchens. Hanna Brothers’ Chefs offer freshly prepared specialty items such as breakfast burritos, quesadillas, and a wide array of breakfast sandwiches. Our Chefs are always happy to meet any special requests or dietary needs.

Lunch Selections

Our famous buffet offerings begin with a beautiful display of fresh salads that include locally grown organic items. We can supply a variety of up to 40 healthy salad bar toppings and six daily homemade dressings. There are always whole and sliced local fruits and berries that are in season; and home-baked breads capped off with a delectable selection of cakes, pies and cookies.

The HB hot lunch buffet showcases a variety of fresh vegetables, starches, and entrees. Additionally, our Chefs can prepare themed/international menus on a weekly basis. If so desired, our catering crew will man action stations with options such as tossed salad stations, pasta bars, taco bars, seafood stations, and—when weather and location permit—sizzling steaks, chops and local-market grilled vegetables right off the BBQ.

Sample Film Catering Menus

Here are just a few sample menus to indicate the mouthwatering dishes our Chefs can create:

Film Catering Client List

Hanna Brothers has experienced the honor of working on over 200 film projects, including popular television shows like Burn Notice, Treme and CSI:Miami, as well as critically-acclaimed feature films such as Adaption, Crash, High Fidelity, and The Prairie Home Companion.


  • Think Like A Dog
  • Conrad & Michelle
  • I Am Frankie Season 2
  • Life Size 2
  • Queen of the South Season 3
  • Queen Sugar Season 3
  • Grand Hotel
  • Robbie
  • Headliner
  • Now We Here
  • Waves
  • After
  • Welcome To Pinegrove
  • Little Women
  • David Makes Man
  • Love is Blind
  • Sextuplets
  • Marvels Cloak & Dagger Season 2
  • Doctor Sleep
  • Happy Death Day 2
  • The Laundromat


  • Being Mary Jane Season 4
  • The Resident Pilot
  • Candy Jar
  • Come Sunday
  • The Quad Season 1
  • I Am Frankie
  • Queen of the South Season 2
  • Queen Sugar Season 2
  • ACS: Versace
  • Blockers
  • Finding Steve McQueen
  • Scream Season 3
  • Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters Season 1
  • Dumplin
  • Brockmire Season 1
  • Honey: Rise Up
  • Cobra Kai Season 1
  • The Beach Bum
  • Green Book
  • Kevin Probably Saves the World Season 1


  • All Eyez On Me
  • Making History - Pilot
  • Notorious - Pilot
  • Atlanta
  • Krystal
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Devious Maids - Season 4
  • Queen Sugar - Season 1
  • Shots Fired
  • Girl From Compton
  • Created Equal
  • Finding Steve McQueen
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Untitled Frankie Shaw Project
  • Jumanji
  • Rectify
  • Daytime Divas
  • Outcast
  • The Quad


  • Bolden
  • Rosewood - Pilot
  • The Free State of Jones
  • Quantico - Pilot
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven
  • The Detour - Season 1
  • Quarry - Season 1
  • Arms and the Dudes
  • Scream Queens - Season 1
  • Devious Maids - Season 3
  • Being Mary Jane - Season 3
  • 90 Minutes in Heaven
  • Coat of Many Colors
  • Quest - Pilot
  • Powers - Season 2
  • Sleepy Hollow - Season 3


  • American Horror Story 3 - Coven
  • Man Down
  • Resurrection - Season 2
  • Devious Maids - Season 2
  • Powers - Season 1
  • Ballers - Season 1
  • American Horror Story 4 - Freak Show
  • Satisfaction - Season 1
  • The Game - Season 8
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 6
  • Duty - Pilot
  • Red Band Society - Pilot
  • A Sunday Horse
  • True Memoirs


  • The Returned - Television Pilot
  • Burn Notice - Season 7
  • Treme - Season 4
  • Necessary Roughness - Season 3
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 5
  • Devious Maids - Season 1
  • North of Hell
  • The Vampire Diaries - Season 5
  • Magic City - Season 2
  • Zombieland - Television Pilot
  • Resurrection - Season 1
  • Unreal - Television Pilot
  • The Arrangement - Television Pilot
  • Star Crossed - Season 1


  • Treme - Season 3
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 4
  • Barefoot
  • Cassandra French
  • Devil's Knot
  • Burn Notice - Season 6
  • Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters
  • Revolution
  • The Vampire Diaries - Season 4
  • Anna Nicole Smith
  • Magic City - Season 1
  • Devious Maids - Season 1
  • American Idol
  • VEEP - Season 2
  • Necessary Roughness - Season 2


  • The Finder
  • Twilight - Breaking Dawn
  • Contraband
  • Looper
  • Treme - Season 2
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 3
  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist
  • Vampire Diaries - Season 3
  • Wild Card
  • Burn Notice - Season 5
  • Coma
  • VEEP - Season 1
  • Headshot - 2nd Unit
  • On We Go


  • Treme - Season 1
  • The Fields
  • The Glades
  • Green Lantern - 2nd Unit
  • Earthbound
  • Never Fail
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 2
  • Revenge Of The Bridesmaids
  • Burn Notice - Season 4
  • Imagination Movers
  • Marry Me
  • Untitled Josh Berman Pilot


  • Chameleon
  • The Wronged Man
  • Betty Ann Waters
  • Drop Dead Diva - Season 1
  • Burn Notice - Season 3
  • Imagination Movers
  • The Hungry Rabbit Jumps
  • Treme - Season 1
  • Mirrors 2
  • Why Did I Get Married Too?


  • 12 Rounds
  • Fab 5
  • Sunday!Sunday!Sunday!
  • Chess
  • Imagination Movers
  • Goody Two Shoes
  • Burn Notice - Season 2
  • Madea Goes to Jail
  • Living Proof


  • Bachelor Party
  • 21
  • Bolden
  • Burn Notice - Season 1
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Fred Claus
  • Bachelor No. 2
  • Black Water Transit
  • K-Ville
  • Get Some
  • Management
  • Recount
  • The Box
  • Driving All the Way


  • The Guardian
  • Not Like Everyone Else
  • Mercy Reef
  • CSI: Miami - Season 4
  • Butterfly on a Wheel
  • Philadelphia Dept. of Recreation
  • The Bronx is Burning
  • Death Sentence
  • Georgia Rule
  • In Bloom
  • The Year Without A Santa Claus
  • Smart People


  • The Dukes of Hazzard
  • All the Kings Men
  • CSI: Miami - Season 3
  • Red Eye
  • Running with Scissors
  • Locust
  • Southbeach
  • Invasion
  • Just My Luck
  • The Prairie Home Companion
  • Local Color
  • The Good Sheppard


  • Crash
  • Walk His Trail
  • Into the Blue
  • After the Sunset
  • In Her Shoes
  • Grilled
  • Transporter 2
  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman
  • CSI: Miami - Season 2
  • 10th & Wolf


  • Shut Up & Kiss Me
  • Stuck on You
  • Providence
  • Isla Bella
  • Knee High P.I.
  • The Game Of Their Lives
  • CSI: Miami - Season 1
  • Karen Sisco
  • Proof
  • Shopgirl


  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Singing Detective
  • Against the Ropes
  • Shade
  • The Friday After Next (reshoots)
  • The Fighting Temptations
  • 11:14
  • Cold Mountain
  • The Fast & Furious 2
  • Seabiscuit
  • The Notebook


  • Carmen Brown
  • Ali
  • Snow Dogs
  • Adaptation
  • Welcome to Collinwood
  • Passionada
  • Gods and Generals


  • Tailor of Panama
  • Newport South
  • Juwanna Mann
  • Run, Ronnie Run
  • Pumpkin
  • Grapevine


  • In Crowd
  • The Contender
  • Forever Mine
  • Grapevine
  • O
  • Mulholland Drive
  • The Price of Glory
  • High Fidelity


  • Selma, Lord, Selma
  • The Straight Story
  • Chill Factor
  • Fifty Violins
  • CSS Hunley

Other Projects we've worked on:

  • Fair Game
  • Frenchman
  • Tecumseh
  • Gas Light Addition
  • Jungle Book
  • Avenging Angel
  • Frame-Up
  • The Other Anna
  • Weekend at Bernies II
  • Milk Money
  • Curse of the Starving Class
  • Extreme
  • Ashamed
  • Miami Rhapsody
  • Thinner
  • Gettysburg
  • Last Action Hero
  • Ace Ventura II - When Nature Calls
  • Simon & Simon Precious Cargo
  • The Pests
  • The Prosecutor
  • Alan Smithee
  • Selena
  • Telling Lies in America
  • Peacemaker
  • Virus
  • Home Alone III
  • Simon Birch
  • The Hundred Lives of Black Jack Savage
  • The Killer Angels
  • The Human Factor - TV/Pilot
  • Sliver
  • Candy Man
  • Folks
  • Watch It
  • Grand Central Murders
  • Rudy
  • In the Company of Darkness
  • Straight Talk
  • Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
  • Boomerang
  • Ace Ventura - Pet Detective
  • Miami Pilot


At Hanna Brothers, we know that wonderful people are our key difference. That’s why “with character” is part of our motto. Every Hanna Brothers team member—starting with Jim and Joe and extending through all the chefs, preparers, servers, mechanics, drivers, and support personnel—take our commitment to providing the finest service very seriously.

Let’s meet some of those folks now:

Carlos Garcia

Production Chef

Jeff McManus

Production Chef

Roger Poirier

Production Chef

Image Coming Soon

Kyle Snedeker

Production Chef

Image Coming Soon

Brian Brown

Production Chef

Film Catering Equipment

In order to provide the best quality in efficient, on-location catering, Hanna Brothers uses twenty-four foot step vans that have been professionally converted into custom-built kitchens.

These custom kitchens and trailers have all been optimized for maximum performance and reliability, and meet our rigorous and demanding standards:

  • We employ a full-time mechanic and mechanic's assistant, who keep the equipment running perfectly and help to make sure things go smoothly.
  • We have enough kitchens and support equipment to work on eight different projects simultaneously.
  • All of our equipment is insured and we are able to provide insurance information upon request.
  • Our equipment meets or exceeds all of the health department requirements for mobile kitchen equipment and our trucks are always permitted with the local authorities.
  • Our commissaries are equipped to properly dispose of both waste grease and grey water.

And, a few more points worth considering:

We Support Local Farm-To-Table.

Hanna Brothers takes a great deal of pride in the fact that we prefer to use small local vendors to provide our clients with products that are as farm-fresh-to-table as possible.

Organic, Vegetarian, and Vegan Options.

We can craft wholly/partially organic, vegetarian, or vegan menus on your project. Please let us know and we would be delighted to discuss the choices.

Eco-Friendly Choices.

Hanna Brothers works to leave as small a footprint as possible. In addition to recycling and smart waste-disposal options, we can provide items such as eco-friendly paper products at a client’s request.

Second Meal Available.

Hanna Brothers can also arrange a second meal with just a few hours notice. Options range from simple sandwiches and sides to boxed lunches, or even an elaborate buffet setting with lobster tails and filet mignon.

ServSafe Certified.

Every Chef at Hanna Brothers is ServSafe certified. ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection.

Film Catering Testimonials

Hanna Brothers is honored to have worked with such great clients!

During my time as an actor I've worked on a wide variety of film and TV productions, including "Burn Notice." When I see the Hanna Brothers trucks on set, its puts a smile on my face, as I know the cast and crew of the production will be taken well care of by a polite and caring staff serving well prepared, four star restaurant quality food.

I have yet to encounter a bad breakfast or lunch from Hanna, with a wide variety of choices to satisfy everyone. And regardless of those long days, your staff is always on the ball. No matter how remote the filming location may be, served under tents, the quality Hanna Brothers brings to the set never suffers. Hanna is the best in the business.

Richard Bach, Actor

Treme's regular season shoot schedule spans seven long months from Fall thru Spring. We are rarely in the same place for breakfast and lunch and almost never film in the same location from one day to the next. Hanna Bros Catering regularly overcomes these logistical hurdles all while meeting the challenges of pleasing the same crew day in and day-out for 28 weeks in a row. The rotating menus provide for plenty of variety with a combination of local sourced regional favorites, always healthy alternatives and seasonal classics. Always ready on time and never a complaint when the schedule changes. Whenever possible added bonuses like smoothie bars or made-to-order pasta bar and taco bars help keep the crew spirits high when the hours get long. Jim and Joe Hanna are always available to troubleshoot and work with our production when scheduling issues arise. The chef and his crew take an obvious pride in their work with the goal of keeping the crew happy as their primary focus. You'd be hard pressed to find a more experienced, professional and film savy catering company to meet your productions needs than Hanna Bros.

Joe Incaprera, Unit Production Manager

These guys are THE BEST. Many shows in many locations and I've never been let down......always on time and with gracious style. Their food is outstanding. I love 'em.

Billy Higgins, Line Producer/UPM

I've worked with Hanna Brothers several times and they are always my first choice when it comes to quality, flexibility, service, price and professionalism.

Mark Indig, Unit Production Manager

The best food and best service in the film business

David Robinson, Producer

It was 2 months of the best eating I've ever done! You guys are the best! Thanks Again.

Will Estes, Actor

The best food on set ever!

Laura Harring, Actress

Thank you for the best food I've ever had on a film.

Veronica Hamil, Actress

Thanks again for all your GREAT food! I've been in the business for 26 years and have never had such a consistently great meals until "Juwanna Man". You guys have really hit your stride. Continued success to you and your hard working team.

John Mayo, Electrician

For the last 27 years I have worked in the motion picture industry and have sampled many caterers. On the last two films that I worked, "The Singing Detective" and "Friday After Next," Hanna Brothers was our caterer. I have to tell you that they are at the top of my list. The food is always fresh, the menu is always imaginative, and the quality and selection is always first class. Cleanliness is always a priority from start to finish. Joey, Jimmy and their staff are very professional and cordial and I look forward to the next movie that we work on together.

A "most satisfied Teamster", Paulie DiCocco

The preparation, planning and logistics of making food fit a King come from a truck on the curb is astounding... the good people make great things happen."

Orin Koeckeritz, Facilities Manager

Thank you for taking such good care of me. You really are the best...and I'll never forget your balls...MATZAH Balls that is!

Jonathan Silverman, Actor

Your team did a great job! Wonderful working with you.

Billy Baldwin, Actor