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At Hanna Brothers, our core business (film catering) requires that we have personnel and crews preparing food and serving in new locations daily across the Southeastern United States. This fact has allowed us to pursue lines of catering that are not related to the film industry, but do have a need for the services we offer, mobile, on-site, quality catering, to large quantities of people.


We are able to:

  • Feed Large quantities of people (300 and up) buffet style meals. We have the personnel and equipment, in house, to handle up to 10,000 people per day.
  • Provide service for one meal events or extended duration events (weeks, months or even years)
  • Serve in a wide variety of locations which can range from elaborate dining facilities, to massive tents set up in parking lots or fields.
  • Tailor menu's to meet our Clients requirements/needs.

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Hanna Brothers uses twenty-four foot step vans that have been professionally converted into custom built kitchens. Our custom kitchens and trailers have all been customized for optimal on-location catering. read more






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