Disaster Relief/Emergency Services

Hanna Brothers Stands Ready to Help

When calamity strikes, brave men and women rush to answer the call. Hanna Brothers is uniquely positioned to assist.

For over twenty years, our core business has been film catering, which requires that we have personnel and crews preparing food and serving in new locations daily across the Southeastern United States. Thus, Hanna Brothers is well versed in being able to offer mobile, on-site, high-quality catering to large quantities of people.

Our deep level of experience means we can quickly mobilize and feed large numbers of people (300 and up) buffet-style meals, in virtually any conditions. Using our in-house personnel and equipment, we can serve up to 10,000 people per day—in locations varying from elaborate dining facilities to massive tents set up in parking lots or fields. Hanna Brothers has the flexibility to provide service for single meal events or extended durations—weeks, months, or even years.

For example, recently following the spate of deadly tornadoes in January of 2017, Hanna Brothers was able to deploy quickly to the Hattiesburg, MS area in response to a request from Mississippi Power, and within one day, we were able to be up and running, providing three meals a day for roughly 800 relief workers.

Hanna Brothers is proud to have served thousands of people working to provide relief services over the years, including serving the National Guard post-hurricanes Gustav, Katrina, and Rita, and providing over 875,000 boxed meals to the citizens of Louisiana post-Katrina.

To find out more information about Hanna Brothers Disaster Relief/Emergency Services Catering options, contact Jim Hanna, jimh@hannabrothers.com, 770.460.0280.

"Hanna Brothers Catering Services is awarded the 2-107th Cavalry's certificate of appreciation for your offerings of time and support during our relief operations in the state of Louisiana.... Your offerings improved the quality of life for our soldiers."

- William Belding, Command Sergeant Major.

Disaster Relief Catering Equipment

In order to provide on-location catering efficiently and professionally, Hanna Brothers uses twenty-four foot step vans that have been professionally converted into custom built kitchens. Our custom kitchens and trailers have all been customized for optimal on-location catering.

  • We employ a full time mechanic and mechanic's assistant, who keep the equipment running and help to make sure things go smoothly.
  • We have enough kitchens and support equipment to work on eight different projects simultaneously.
  • All of our equipment is insured through CNA and we are able to issue insurance certificates to evidence that fact upon request.
  • Our equipment meets or exceeds all of the health department requirements for mobile kitchen equipment and our trucks are permitted with the local authorities.
  • Our 10,000 square foot commissary is equipped with the equipment to properly dispose of waste grease, and grey water.